January 28, 2011

Welcome to the Davidhazy family web site. Over time, this site may grow to include photo and historical archives and current contacts. If you would like a "davidhazy.org" email address for yourself, or have any submissions, please .

Capt. Andrew Davidhazy
Father to Andrew, John, Minka
Budapest, Hungary
Apr 1, 1911 - Apr 6, 2003

Gabriella (Petracsek) Davidhazy
Mother to Andrew, John, Minka
Seattle, Washington
Jan 20, 1920 - Sept 25, 1986

John Davidhazy
Father of Panni, Vivien
Budapest, Hungary
website: www.davidhazy.org/john
email: john@davidhazy.org

Minka (Davidhazy) Judson
Sister to Andrew Jr, John
Austin, Texas
email: minka@texas.net

Panni Davidhazy
Budapest, Hungary
email: panni@davidhazy.org

Vivien Davidhazy
London, England
email: vivien@davidhazy.org

Prof. Andrew Davidhazy Jr.
Father of Andrew III, Jennifer, Cameron
Rochester, New York
website: www.davidhazy.org/andpph
email: andpph@rit.edu

Lucille (Root / Davidhazy)
Mother of Andrew III, Jennifer
Orlando, Florida
June 9, 1944 - November 12, 2006

Sue (Homan) Davidhazy
Mother of Cameron
Rochester, New York
website: www.davidhazy.org/sue
email: sue@davidhazy.org

Andrew Davidhazy III
Portland, Oregon
website: www.davidhazy.com

Jennifer Davidhazy
Oakland, California
email: jennifer@davidhazy.org

Cameron Davidhazy
Brooklyn, New York
email: cameron@davidhazy.org